Helping the families of Gioto escape poverty

So .... You've seen Gioto ... You want to help ... How do you do it?

There are several ways in which you can help this project.

The easiest way is to donate via credit or debit card through paypal. Paypal is a secure website that will take money directly from your account and add it to the donations account.
To use paypal, please click the button below and follow the instructions (this button will open a new window)


I understand that this is not the best option for everyone. However, please do not let this put you off donating.
For other options or any enquiries, please email me directly at:



I don't have any money, but I still want to help ... what can I do?

We understand that not everyone has money to spare - No Problem! There are many other ways you can get involved, take a look at some of the following ideas and decide which suits you best ....

  • I have applied for a charitable grant of £5,000 to help the project. This is an initiative set up by the Co-Operative. The only way to receive the money is by people voting for their favourite cause. Each vote made is one step closer to Gioto receiving £5,000!
    To vote for this project, please visit

    It takes less than 2 minutes to vote but makes such a difference.


  • Hold a fundraiser - use your imagination! Coffee mornings, car boot sales, sponsered walks, sponsered head shave - go crazy!
    Any money you raise will go directly to the children. Get your children involved, get their schools involved - anything you can think of!
    Get in touch with me - and I will happily send you over pictures/videos and any other materials that may help you with the fundraiser.

  • Donate a raffle prize. I will be holding many fundraisers personally around the North West area. If you, your partner, your company, your grandma, your kids or your dog have anything you think might be put to good use as a raffle prize, all ideas are welcome!
    Do you work in a restaurant - would the bosses be kind enough to donate a free meal? Are you a mechanic - would you give someone a free MOT? The possibilities are endless and exciting.

    Please get in touch with any ideas you have to raise money for the children and families of Gioto. Any idea, no matter how small can always be developed and fuelled, often leading to an incredible event.  I eagerly await your thoughts! Thankyou again.


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